2012 must have WordPress plugins

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If you are new to WordPress, it’s hard to know which plugins you should be using, when there are thousands to choose from. RI Web Design has been using WordPress to make websites for the past 2 years and would like to share with you what we think the must have WordPress plugins for 2012 are.

1. WP Touch – This is a great plugin that will turn your website into a mobile website. It’s very easy to set up; you can have a mobile website in a matter of minutes. Though the design is not fully customizable, it does offer a few templates and configurations, which make it easy for anyone to get a decent mobile website in not time at all. WP Touch also comes with advertising options, this makes it easy for someone to capitalize on your mobile hits. Research shows that more and more people will be using mobile phones in the future to surf the web, so make sure you have your website mobile ready with this great mobile plugin.

2. All in One SEO Pack – If you are looking to make your site SEO ready than this is the plugin for you. I’ve seen some of my clients sites rank on the first page of Google within weeks of configuring this plugin. Of course you have to know what keywords to target and then just configure the title, description, and keywords. There are a few other quick settings you will want to configure, there are YouTube videos and plenty of tutorials to read if you Google the “All in One SEO Pack”. Once again another plugin that takes minutes to install and return is unbelievable.

3. All in one Calendar – If you are looking for a calendar that shows your upcoming events then this is the one for you. I must have searched through a dozen of event and calendar plugins before I came across this one. Besides looking great, it’s easy to set up and it gives you plenty of options, in no time you will have a top notch event/calendar on your website (on a page or in your sidebar).

If you have any questions about WordPress, I teach a monthly Do-IT-Yourself Website Workshop in WordPress, and would be happy to answer you questions. I own a RI Website Design business and a RI SEO business for over two years and have worked on small business websites and national sites.


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