Why Use WordPress if you Care About SEO?

It is getting so you can hardly have a conversation about the internet or websites without discussing SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is, after all, the key to getting your potential clients or customers to find you on google and other search engines, which are all cluttered with information these days.  Website owners can compete for SEO either locally, for example target only Rhode Island SEO, or can compete on a national level.

Justin Capaldi, president of Capaldi Web, a Rhode Island Web Design and SEO business, creates all of his client websites in WordPress.  He also teaches do-it-yourself classes in WordPress web design.  He offers these three reasons why you should use WordPress if SEO is a concern for your business.

Reason #1:  Content

WordPress is an easy platform when it comes to adding content, especially on a regular basis.  The editor on a WordPress website is similar to a document in Word, so anyone who can create and edit a basic document can make updates to a website or blog on WordPress.  What this means for SEO in Rhode Island is you can easily add new and fresh content with your keywords to your site on a regular basis.  Adding keywords and H1 tags (page headings) will enhance SEO, as well as adding links to your posts.

Reason #2:  Open Source Software Means it is Always Up-to-Date

Because WordPress is open source software, it is continually kept current by the many, many programers and developers in the world who constantly add to its software and make improvements.  Keeping WordPress constantly current makes it ideal for SEO.

Reason #3:  WordPress Allows You to Customize Your URL

When you customize your URL, as I have done with my website RIWEBDESIGNANDSEO.COM, you are able to add keywords to your web address to maximize your SEO.  This is why you should think good and long before choosing a URL.  Good SEO demands the use of obvious keywords, not necessarily a overly clever address.  Be direct.  Your business will be searchable.

Justin Capaldi is president of RI Web Design and SEO, a website design, hosting and rhode island SEO company that uses the WordPress platform to create websites.  Bookmark this blog for more upcoming tips on how WordPress will enhance SEO, along with other useful tips.

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