5 Photo Tips For Your Website

Every website should have photos to break up the page and make your website look more appealing.  Being a web designer so many times clients don’t have any photos, or don’t know which ones to use, or just have bad quality images.

I tell clients that a website can only look as good as the images and graphics; this is one of the most important things when building a website so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  In fact, much thought should go into this if you want your site to look professional.

Here are some photography tips that will help your site look professional.

  1. Use images that are good quality!  The best scenario is to hire a professional photographer, especially if you want to put a headshot of you on your site. A headshot is great to use on your about page.  If you can’t hire a photography company for images and headshots, then the next best thing is to buy stock photos, there are many sites like istock where you can buy great quality images for just a few dollars.
  2. The photos you choose should add to the overall look of the site.  The colors should be fairly similar, in other words, don’t pick a photo with a color that is dissonant  to the rest of your website.
  3. The header image is probably the most important image on your website. If you decide to have a header image that spans across the top of your website, you need this to look great. This will probably be the first thing a customer will see as soon as they land on your site.  You might have to work with a graphic designer if you decide to have text or a logo placed within images on the header.  I can’t stress enough, this needs to look professional.
  4. Pick images that relate to your business and products.  Make sure there is a reason for the images on your site, the text and images should compliment each other.
  5. Have a slide show on your website.  In today’s world of websites it is good to have something dynamic (something that moves or is interactive) on your website.  The best way is to have a slide show of 4 to 5 images.  Usually this slide show is located in the header area of your website. Once again, each picture should be great quality and should relate to the text in your website.

If you want to know more about photography, you can visit a local Rhode Island photographer’s website at: Kristen Capaldi Creighton Photography

Kristen Capaldi Creighton Photography 1035 Main St, Coventry, RI 02816 (401) 374-3779

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