Seo tips for 2014

SEO is constantly changing, so once again we will have to try to predict what 2014 will bring. If you’re like me, you take the beginning of each year to go over your SEO tactics. I review the basics, go over what’s working and what’s not, and I also try to learn the new techniques and changes that the new year will bring.

I made the following observations on my SEO strategies. I hope you find them useful as well:

Guest Blogging
Just a few years ago, guest blogging was a great way (and still is if done correctly) to get links and improve your search engine results. Unfortunately, like most SEO techniques, this can be abused. I know companies who would hire a cheap blog writer from overseas and then post as many blogs a month on as many blog sites as they could. They didn’t consider the quality of the writing or whose blog they chose to post on. Sometimes they chose to post on one of their own blogs or a friend’s blog. And this procedure did work for awhile. Now in 2014, this will probably get you penalized by Google. At this point, there is no Google algorithm that penalizes guest blogging, (at least not one that we know about yet), but Google has been warning us of this.

I would not stop guest blogging, but I would make sure you are writing good content, and also that you are posting your blogs on reputable, good quality blog sites. Don’t throw all you eggs in one basket; guest blogging is just one of the many things you should do for SEO.

Your homepage is usually the page that gets the most traffic. Though this has been changing through the years, I think we can rest assure, that most of the time it is still the case. That being said, how should we SEO the homepage in 2014?

We don’t need to position all of our keywords and ideas on the homepage anymore as we used to. Google is smart enough now to read your site as a whole. All of your products, keywords and topics don’t have to be shown on the homepage. Instead, try being more generic on your homepage. For example if you sell jewelry, you don’t have to say, we sell custom jewelry, gold jewelry, wedding jewelry etc., just be more generic and say that you sell jewelry. Your other pages can go into each product and topic more specifically, and Google will know because they are looking at your site on the whole.

A few years ago, we would throw a bunch of keywords on our pages (especially the home page), in order to rank. In 2014, we are finding that we can be more generic and more brand specific. Basically we can be more topic-driven than keyword-driven. Google know that your site is about selling jewelry, so you should focus on conveying that topic. Yes, still put some keywords in (maybe 1 or 2 per page) but focus more on the topic of that page.

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