SEO Basics That Still Work In 2015

A lot of articles on SEO for 2015 talk about how this is changing and how that is changing and this or that no longer works. I’ve been doing SEO for 5 years and I have seen, yes, there have been some slight changes, but most of the core SEO practices still work. The basic principles of good on-page optimization and then getting some good quality external links, still works. Below is what I consider to be the foundation of SEO; I use these methods and once again, they still work!

Social Media
Build twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ pages. I know a lot of clients I talk to say that they don’t want to do social media because they don’t have the time. First of all, besides the SEO factor, you are only hurting yourself from direct referrals. And it really doesn’t take up that much time, you don’t have to be engaging people every few hours, once or twice a week is fine. Social media does work (helps with SEO and help with referral traffic to your site), I’ve seen it.

On Page SEO
Your content must be optimized for search engines. I spend the first month with a new SEO client, doing nothing but on page SEO. Some of on-page optimization is behind the scenes and you might need to get a web designer involved to do this right. You want good title tags, a good meta description, one h1 tag, and some keywords strategically placed throughout your content. Here is an example of a website with good h1 tag and title tags –

External Links
Why do I keep reading articles that this is going away? I still see this as probably the most important basic SEO strategy. You need links to your website, PERIOD. You need other sites to link to your site. If you can get some good quality sites (like newspapers or popular online magazines) to link to you, then even better!

Mobile Friendly
Yes, Google wants our websites to be mobile friendly. Google wants this so bad that they have been threatening to penalize websites that are not. I suggest building your website in a responsive design, from my experience, this is the best way to go. This means, if your website is old, you might have to rebuild your website.

Good On-site Content
Content is still king, you need good quality text. If you are not a writer than hire a writer. You need to clearly explain what your website is about, why they should hire you, and have a good call to action.

Local Search
Create a google business account and put your (NAP) name, address, and phone number everywhere, like this:

Gentile Stephen T CPA
109 Airport Rd Warwick, RI 02889 (401) 739-6110

These are the basic tactics that will give you a great, solid SEO foundation. They are the same tactics that we have been using for years and guess what, they still work!

Justin Capaldi is an SEO expert, visit website for more information –

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