My old web designer could not get the site to show up during Google searches. I was very stressed about this as you could image because if no one could find my site my business could not continue. I hired Justin for SEO and he quickly started working on my site to resolve the problem and in a VERY short time my site was showing up on the first page during Google searches. I even tried using different search terms to see if it would still show up…… To my amazement it did….. every time on the first page. Justin not only saved my business, but saved my lively hood as well. If you are having any doubts about hiring him. Don’t! He is easy to get a hold of and quick to answer any questions that I had and I can honestly say that I slept better at night knowing that he was resolving the problems that I had that my former web designer could not.

Curtis CraigThe Calm K9, Clarksville TN

Justin was knowledgeable, helpful and quick to meet my deadlines and needs. I look forward to working with him again when I’m ready to upgrade my site.

JulieRetirement Redesigned


I’m writing to thank you for the outstanding seminar you presented for the RI Small Business Recovery Program. The feedback has been great. Attendees were grateful for the knowledge you shared and for the actionable information that will help build their businesses.

At this year’s Business Boot Camp, we provided 406 entrepreneurs with the information they needed to grow their businesses. Needless to say, this could not have been accomplished without the donation of your time and talent.

Many thanks,
Dave NashRI Small Business Recovery program

I am getting very excited about the project. You’re doing an awesome job turning my thoughts into realities. I am loving your good work. Have a nice Labor Day!

GeorgeRI Dental Associates